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Registration Includes:

  • full access to the course
  • all coffee breaks
  • lunch on course days (3)
  • networking reception
  • access to the virtual posters
  • various administrative costs

Registration Fees

Conference Fees

Note, a Credit card surcharge of 1.75% + 0.30 cents will apply if paying by card.

Payment Options



The reduced registration fee is only applicable, if it has also been paid to the event account according to the deadlines. Registering without performing an actual payment will automatically set your balance to the next available fee when the Earlybird date has passed.

Payments may be made by:

  • Credit Card (VISA & Mastercard only). You will be transferred to a secure site. This takes you to the SecurePay payment gateway the preferred method of payment. Note, Credit card surcharge of 1.75% + 0.30 cents will apply.
  • It is also possible to pay by card via two alternative methods: (1) Choose "Credit Card via PayPal" and pay by card (you don't need a PayPal account) or (2) Choose "Bank Transfer, offline credit card or cheque" and send card details to be charged offline (form is on the invoice issued). Note, Credit card surcharge of 1.75% + 0.30 cents will apply.
  • PayPal account
  • Bank Transfer*

*Bank Transfer: The details required are on the bottom of the invoice issued. Please quote your invoice number in the reference so we can identify the payment! Please note Australian $!

Amount is shown in AUD $.

If you have a problem or question please contact us.

By Registering you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out on this site.

Registration Instructions


  • Your name badge will be printed as YOU have typed it - if you make a typo, it will be printed!
  • Please DO NOT type everything in Capital letters or small case, use Sentence Case e.g. type Antoni Gaudi not ANTONI GAUDI.
  • Please ensure your email address is correct or you will not receive any notifications!
  • During registration there is a field "VIP code", you do not need to fill this out - please leave it empty.
  • Please fill out the "Billing Address" in the payment section even if it is the same as your address. The billing address is displayed on the invoice, (some attendees have a different billing address). The registration will not be completed unless you fill this out. If you wish your organisation to pay, please put the organisation address in the Billing Address.
  • Bank Transfers: please quote the invoice number in your Reference or we will not know who it is from!
  • If you have any problems, please contact us.

Amounts shown in Australian $.

Fees are in AUD. At 31 Mar. 2023: Earlybird Registrations approx. Regular = €493 & Student €277. Prices fluctuate with exchange rate. Credit cards will be exchanged automatically. Please make bank transfer in AUD to avoid unnecessary bank fees for you and us! We charge in AUD to avoid huge bank fees - making it cheaper for you!


All non-students. Includes Early and Mid Career Researchers and Postdocs.

  • Regular Registration

    Early Bird: $800.00



PLEASE PROVIDE A CONFIRMATION SIGNED BY THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT TO CONFIRM. If you are not a student please register as a regular attendee!  We will check your status and if you are not a student we will change the registration to a regular registration.  (Student registrations are subsidised by the conference, it costs us more than the fee for every student!)

  • Student Registration

    Applies to Master/PhD students working towards a degree in human genetics or an associated field.
    Early Bird: $450.00



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